• Yardmaster-Rule the Rails!

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    There were not very many comic projects wowing me lately, but this board game really grabbed my attention for how well they are executing their project! And really, isn’t that the point of all this?!

    Yardmaster-Rule the Rails!


    In Yardmaster, 2-4 players compete to build trains comprised of railcars of different goods and values. However, players are restricted in connecting railcars of only the same value or good type, so if you grab a railcar you can’t use, it needs to wait in your sorting yard until it can legitimately hook up to your train.

    Sounds simple enough! Of course there are a lot of other fun wrinkles that make the game fun and earned the designer an Ion  award. The company pushing this Kickstarter into the station seems to have all their stuff figured out and they’re even offering a print & play version. They’ve also sent copies out to reviewers and they’re getting some great feedback. The game is card based and the Kickstarter will go toward printing up the at least 96 cards (could be more with stretch goals).

    This KS page does a great job of laying out all the components in an easy to understand way and provides plenty of info on reviews and gameplay. The page has tons of text and pictures but does not look cluttered. Way to go guys!!

    The goal is 18K, which for a tabletop game is very reasonable. And if you add to that the EU friendly shipping nature of the product I can really see this game doing well. They are all ready halfway to the goal with 27 days left. The game itself sounds simple, with no custom die or plastic parts but with the cost of shipping, 18K seems like the perfect amount to ask for.


    • The game looks great
    • The page explains the game perfectly
    • Very cheap entry price, they don’t get much cheaper than that!

    • The game lacks any interesting parts, like markers or maybe….a train whistle!! That would be cool/annoying.

    This game looks like it’s worth taking a risk on, and with 8 successful projects under the publisher’s belt it’s not much of a risk! If you like card based games with simple fun for a group of people then this looks to be among the best of them.

    Yardmaster - Rule the Rails! -- Kicktraq Mini

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