• SpaceBear is out there!

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    Breaking into new territory often means taking big risks. Sometimes your fans will follow you, sometimes you have to make new ones. One of the hardest categories to crack is children’s books.



    $5,000 to print the Sci-fi adventure children’s book, SpaceBear.
    1 Book, already completed, waiting to be printed
    32 pages, Color

    That’s a reasonable goal for printing a hardcover book. Very attainable!

    Reasonable rewards. The book is priced fairly with shipping. I love the SpaceBear patch. Everything about this project is so reasonable! Why has it not taken off yet?!

    To me, it’s too reasonable. It’s a solid children’s book, which means those interested in it would be limited to people with children in the age group it’s intended for. It’s not a fault of the book or Andres, it’s just the nature of publishing for children. It’s the same with publishing something with a hard “R” rating. You’re limiting your audience. The children’s book world is hard and competitive. I always recommend people put in things to make the project stand out to those outside of the  core audience. I think Andres has done that here by including space. There are a lot of space fans out there, but since Andres’ last project was an old west graphic novel, he’s going to have to start from scratch and find those fans.

    So if you’re planning on kickstarting a children’s book make sure and build an audience first! Set it up as a website with information about the topic for about six months to a year. You can build it like a webcomic if you have even a few sequential pages. This will help it gain traction in the comics section. I know a lot of comic readers who are parents and they are often desperate to find ways to get their young ones to read comics. An educational sequential children’s book is a great way to bridge that gap! I know a project like this would make people happy if they actually held it in their hands and read it to their kids so I hope Andres breaks through the barriers that hold back most of the children’s books on crowd funding sites!

    • Reasonable goal and rewards
    • Quality art and educational topic


    • Firmly entrenched in the children’s book world which might turn some backers away

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