• Skies of Fire!

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    Big team, big results. The dirty well known secret of making comic books is that you have to work a lot of hours and you often don’t make what your time is worth. So it can be nice to work with a big team to help spread the work around. Of course that cuts into your profits. But anyone who has every picked up a pencil to draw or write comics knows that we do it because we love it and don’t want to do anything else. But there was something else that got me to click on today’s project, Airships!

    Skies of Fire

    $4,500 to print and produce issue one of Skies of Fire, a miniseries about…

    An epic new comic featuring gigantic diesel-powered airships and their duels in the high skies.

    That’s a very reasonable goal. The artwork looks fabulous so I’m sure the book is going to cost them much more than the $4,500 they’re asking for. But that’s the best part of crowd funding a book. There’s always a chance to get something even better than what you paid for. Only one problem, how many pages???

    Here’s an interesting reward level, a digital edition with a variant cover. I never would have thought of that, but it’s selling well. In addition to the cover it contains bonus stuff like inks and script pages with commentary. I love projects that let you peak behind the curtain. Everyone in the comics business is constantly learning from each other. The first print level seems priced a little hight to me except that it includes the digital behind the scenes file. Of course, if I knew how many pages then maybe it wouldn’t seem so high! And then there’s a t-shirt. I wish we could see it! Of course it would provide a great update to reveal it to all the backers. For those out there planning your own kickstarter, just remember that shirts usually have a minimum order run. So you need to do the math. How many shirts do you need to sell during the campaign to pay for the full print run? How many shirts do you need to sell to actually start paying for printing of the book? Of course there are some pretty affordable print on demand places for shirts. I’ve used spread shirt in the past. If you set up an account and buy at least 25 you can get a good price. It won’t be as cheap as screen printing but you don’t have to order a hundred shirts. And I’ll tell you right now, even if you have an awesome design and people love it, it takes a long time to move a hundred shirts.

    I love the subject, although I hate the sight of airships exploding. I constantly have to educate people that there is more to the history of airships than the Hindenburg exploding! But I’m sure these guys will get their goal and then some. They’ve build a great team and have some awesome pages to look at.

    Simple goal, earn some money, print the issue!
    Great artwork, (not every KS project has it!)
    Solid looking global team

    • No page estimate. It’s a minor issue and I’m sure they’ll fix it along the way.
    • The art is too good, it makes mine look crappy.

    Skies of Fire -- Kicktraq Mini

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    • Andres Salazar

      this is on my list too!