• Put your best foot forward-Thumbnails and Band vs. Band

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    Your project image is the single most important image in your entire project. When people are sorting through hundreds of projects trying to decide which one to back the only thing they have to go on is a title and a thumbnail. A good thumbnail makes you stand out and gets people to click on your project.
    Below are some Thumbnail examples that are not getting a lot of clicks. When you’re planning your image make sure it reads well at it’s smallest display size. These were just a random sampling of thumbnails. It’s an easy thing to overlook when you’re planning a large project.
    Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.46.10 AM


    On that note, it was a great thumbnail that made me click on todays project…


    Band Vs. Band Comix Volume 1


    $4,095 CAD, Oh no Canadian dollars! Well, usually that means higher shipping for us here in the United States. But in this case, I did a quick look and couldn’t find any international shipping information anywhere. I don’t know if thats an over site or if it’s already built into the other pledge levels.

    The project does a great job of spelling out exactly what you’re backing.

    The book’s vital stats: 7×10″, 150 pages, full color (kinda!), perfect-bound softcover, offset printing.

    Not enough projects do this so it’s nice when I see it. It saves me from hunting the page looking everywhere for some clue as to what is getting printed.


    An important part of rewards is that they match the project. This project has a rock band theme. It’s the perfect opportunity to print some cool t-shirts! But there are none here. The sticker sheet seems great. It will be the perfect addition to any trapper keeper. There’s also a coloring book but this series isn’t aimed at the coloring crowd so I’m not sure what the market for that is.


    • Great vibe and artwork
    • Very clear goal


    • Too much text on the page, if you’re an artist make some images for the headlines including art or characters from the book. And do your best to minimize the amount of text on the page.

    I say, Back it! It looks like a fun project!

    Band Vs. Band Comix, Volume 1 -- Kicktraq Mini

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