• Warlords of Wor: The Mini Comics!

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    Warlords of Wor: The Mini Comics!

    The Pitch

    Action-adventure all-ages?  Sign me up.  Here’s what creator Brandon Barker describes it as:

    I’m glad you asked!  Warlords of Wor is a line of handmade, designer action toys from ManOrMonster? Studios.  The look of the line harkens back to the muscular, barbarian-themed toys of the 80’s like Masters of the Universe or Lost World of the Warlord, but the articulation and playability of the line far surpass its influence… and any other self-produced designer toy on the market.  Featuring 10 points of powerful magnetic articulation, each Warlords of Woraction figure is fully posable and fully interchangeable.  You can mix and match parts from each figure to make exciting new variants of your favorite heroes and villains, or create an all-new character to star in your own adventures!

    In addition to making Warlords of Wor action figures, I’ve also been producing a line of comics to tell exciting stories about these characters, to push the limits of independent toy making, and to enrich the overall Warlords of Wor experience.  Each comic is an action-packed, 8-page adventure that introduces readers to the heroes and villains of Wor in fun and fast-paced stories that are appropriate for readers of any age.

    So wait, it’s He-Man toys turned into mini-comics?  That sounds pretty awesome.


    Brandon’s goal of $9,000 is for printing the 5 mini-comics, pretty standard.  The question I have is that it’s for 5, 4×6 inch 16 page comics but each comic only has an 8-page story.  So half of it is a comic, what’s the other half, ads?


    For $15 you get the physical books, which is a price-point that I can jump on.  They also have rewards for prints, stickers and shirts.  I like the idea of getting the toys, but at $100 it’s a little too much maybe for some.



    The opening image enticed me and the video is well-made.  As a kid of the 80’s the Masters of the Universe vibe is something that I relate to so right away I was interested.  Again I like the idea that this is a project that is already underway and it sounds like the work-load for these guys is manageable.

    The art looks good, that’ all you can judge these things on.  They are using “real guys” who are professional and it really shows.

    I also like that its based on some existing property (toys) that is building, you can tell they’ve put a lot of work into this with many people of various skills.


    Not sure what the actual books will be like with that 50% story deal, so that uncertainty is an issue (no pun intended).  Still at 40 pages of story for $15 it’s not horrible, but not competitive from a value perspective.


    -Andres Salazar

    creator of stuff

    twitter: @andysalazar


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      I like the figures!