• The Hungry Wolves

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    The great thing about comics is sometimes great art can carry the story and sometimes a great story can carry some mediocre art.


    TITLE: The Hungry Wolves: An Illustrated Picture Book

    PLOT: Who needs a plot, this art is amazing! But there is a plot, don’t worry. The video sort of explains it. But this piece really isn’t about the story so much as it is about the art.


    GOAL: The goal is a reasonable amount but the style of the book really lends itself to a large hardcover art book format. And once I realize that, I see that nowhere on the page or video is there a description of the physical book. Is it large? Is it small? All it says is that it will be paperback. What is this money paying for? You need to tell us!

    REWARDS: I have to say it again, this art is beautiful. But being in Canada and me being in the U.S. I would have to pay international shipping of $15. So I would pay $45 total to get a paperback book 30 pages long in some mystery size. Why would someone pay that?!!? Ok, seriously, the art is so good I considered it. But really, I have no idea what I would get and since this guy hasn’t done a kickstarter before or backed any others, I have no idea if I would get anything!!


    • Great art


    • Expensive to get a physical copy

    • Paperback not hardcover

    •Vague details about the book size

    •Creator has backed zero projects



    The Hungry Wolves: An illustrated picture book. -- Kicktraq Mini

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    • Andres Salazar

      Art is amazing. Too expensive for me though.