• Psychonaut

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    Sci-fi space adventure story, a la old-school 50-60’s movies.  One of my favorite genres.  Here’s Kevin’s pitch:

    Psychonaut tells the story of an astronaut who becomes stranded on an alien planet following the sudden destruction of his ship. He is rescued by an alien race known as the Xenosians, who tell him of the threat facing their planet and how our hero is the only one who can save them if they are to survive. If he fails, it means extinction for the Xenosians and the end of any hope of our hero making it back home to planet Earth and discovering the reason for his ships mysterious explosion.



    Kevin needs $3,100 to print issue 1 of his comic book.  The money will go to the printing costs.  What I like about this is that this is an original project (not a re-print of a web-series)  The book is already in the can, so once funds transfer over, Kevin will be printing this baby out, shipping in a month.  I dig that.  It’s a modest goal and is a single issue, so he’s not trying to make an opus that will never get finished…. Yes we are looking at you 30% of kickstarter that is lame.



    The main reward is the black and white 24 page comic.  Good old-fashioned floppy.  You can also get the stickers,  prints and stuff you see in most kickstarters of this ilk.

    Overall it’s a small investment for a reward from the new kid on the block in comic book publishing and it’s shipping next month.



    When I look for Kickstarter projects to write about, I don’t go after the ones with the big names, tons of funding and success (do we need another post about a Palmiotti kickstarter?).  Those guys already have that and don’t need me to write about them.  When I look for a project to write about, I look for the following: A. Does it grab my attention with the thumbnail image when I scroll through? B. Is this the kind of book I’d buy?  C. Does this guy need my help because it’s not yet funded? (Now I might not always adhere to this, I’d actually like to make a series of posts about campaigns that are abysmal failures and how they can improve, but for now let’s stay on the positive!)

    Kevin Kuder has all three of the criteria. I like the simple art on the thumbnail, it popped, clean and it got me to click.  The video is short, simple and gets the job done.

    On a comic book project, we can’t judge the story, just the art and premise and for me, this gets it right and looks like a potential winner.  I think the sample pages he added were perfect, I also like the logos and everything looks professional.

    Lastly, I love the idea that the project is completed already.  Personally that’s how I run my kickstarters, because A. You show the backers all the work you have done and can reel them in with all the cool stuff you completed.  B. Rewards get shipped quickly and people love that.  I understand on larger projects it is not feasible, but on something like this, I think it’s the way to go.


    One of the things I’d have liked is to make the video with a little more substance.  Throw some of those sweet art pages up and show us the project.  Kevin does a decent job of explaining it, but instead of sitting in his den, show some movement, be more animated and smile!  I think with a little more pizzazz and personality, it could have helped his campaign.

    The $10 for the comic is maybe a little too high, I think $8 shipping for the floppy would have been perfect, but that’s splitting hairs.



    Psychonaut Issue 1 -- Kicktraq Mini

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