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    TITLE: Monkey Fist: A Graphic Novel by the Sun Bros


    “An irreverent kung-fu epic set in the mythical land of fast food.  Inspired by the greatest Chinese story ever told.  And video games.”  I like these mash-ups of genres, it reminds me a little of Scott Pilgrim and some SuperMercado comics.  The art-style is eye-catching and sounds like a fun light-hearted story.  Here’s their pitch, it’s a little long but I think you get the gist when you read this:

    “Equal parts fairy tale fantasy and postmodern fever dream, Monkey Fist is an irreverent kung fu epic, inspired by one of the greatest Chinese stories ever told. It’s the classic tale of one monkey’s obsessive journey through life and madness, set in the mythical land of fast food. Fueled by rage and driven by insatiable ego, Monkey steps out from behind his cash register and into the nightmarish downtown offices of Fishy Burger in search of answers. But it’s a long way to the top of the labyrinthine corporate headquarters, and on his journey he’ll encounter an unlikely cast of maniacs, misfits, and monsters. As reality warps and fantasy takes over, Monkey presses on toward his goal — but is he prepared for what awaits him at the end of his quest?”



    The Sun Bros need $14,000 to create a full-color 150 graphic novel.  One and done.  Nice, no confusion here, we know what we are getting and there’s no surprises in what the final product will be.  Wait… what is this Rage edition?  So it looks like for $25 you can get the 150 page graphic novel, OR for $50 you can get the fancy-pants director’s cut version of the story.  Sounds good, but they do leave the details out for it, you don’t know what the page count is, if it will have a different cover or what exactly will be in it.  I suspect that the Sun Bros might not have nailed down all those details down yet, which is fine, but they should give us a ball-park of the page count at least, since we are talking the reward level is $50.



    These rewards are standard fare.  The $1 dollar for a gratitude has always been puzzling to me.  Do people actually do this?  I like the $5 for the pdf and $25 for the 150-page book is a decent price.  For more you can get the director’s cut Rage edition and you can even buy some original art.  Nothing out of the box but I think it works fine for them.



    This is the second Kickstarter from the Sun Bros, and after a little perusing through Kickstarter, I found this little gem and it took about 10 seconds of the video for me to know I’m gonna like these guys.  Great video production, it has the perfect blend of information and entertainment, this is how you do it guys, study this.  The art is cool, I like the style and you get to see a lot of it on the video, which I enjoy.  You also see the creators and get a sense of their personality and humor, I think that is equally critical in selling your project/product.

    The product itself looks fun and professionally done.  The project page is not over-worked and I think covered all the bases.  Get in, tell your story and get out.



    The only cons really I see is the description of the Rage edition of the book.  If you are going to have a 2nd product for your project, that’s fine (I’ve done that myself with Pariah, Missouri) but you should give the backers a little more on the size and details of each.  Really entice the backers to go up to that $50 level by showing them all the greatness that is the Rage-edition.  They do some of that, but they could do more.


    Monkey Fist: A Graphic Novel -- Kicktraq Mini


    Andres Salazar
    Creator of Pariah, Missouri comic book series

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    • PRM19XX

      I agree, they had a great video!