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    There are a few simple questions I think most people have when they are checking out a Kickstarter campaign for a comic book project. What is being funded and what is the book about. And no, those are not the same thing!



    THE PLOT: Sidekicks is about superhero sidekicks. The art looks great and the few sample pages go a long way toward giving you the feel for the story. It seems like it will be a solid entertaining read with nice bright art. They even give a breakdown of some of the main characters. On the page itself they describe sidekicks as a 3 part mini series with chapter one being 23 pages.

    In a world where Super-Heroes are celebrities, egos rampage out of control. Five of Chicago’s most dependable Sidekicks are faced with the reality that despite their dedication, they will invariably be disrespected by the Heroes they work with and the citizens they protect. Taken for granted by society and ignored by the media, how much can the Sidekicks endure before they decide they’ve had enough?

    THE GOAL:  That’s a great plot breakdown they included. Every project needs a nice tight description like that. Unfortunately that’s only half of what you need to tell people. They are a little unclear in what they are funding here. Are they funding just chapter one, are they funding the entire three issue series? It says for $10 you get a copy of the comic. In the text it says Sidekicks is a 3-issue comic series. It says below that line that chapter one is 23 pages. But none of the pledges call it chapter one, they just say you get the book. I watched the video and looked at the reward levels. Maybe it’s in there but if I have to read everything four or five times to see it then you probably should have made it more visible! And you can probably assume for a $10 pledge you won’t be getting 3 issues, but hey, someone is going to assume you do and then you’ll have some upset emails!

    THE REWARDS: The rewards here are pretty typical of a print project. It looks like there’s no tshirts or pins being produced, strictly print stuff here! Which is ok. The most interesting rewards looks to be a behind the scenes pdf. They have a great pencils to final color breakdown on the project page to give you a good idea of whats in the pdf. I wouldn’t mind seeing it myself! You can also get original art and have yourself drawn into the book. Once again they use the term book throughout the product page so I don’t know if that means book one or somewhere in the three issue mini-series.

    • Great art! Even if the story lags in spots great art can really keep you involved in the story.
    •Strong rewards including behind the scenes and custom art.

    • A little ambiguity about what they’re printing, 1 issue vs. 3.
    • It’s hard to make a large goal with just print products, an interesting tie in item would really help this project! By the way, the worst tie in item I saw this week was a branded wine stopper for a different comic book project. Don’t know how they came up with that one.



    Sidekicks -- Kicktraq Mini

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