• Boston Metaphysical Society

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    Every project has a story. Some people just don’t know what that story is yet. Sometimes creators discover the story as they work on their crowd funding campaigns.

    TITLE: Boston Metaphysical Society

    Boston Metaphysical Society or BMS is a great example of how having an unsuccessful crowd funding campaign can really help you focus on how to present your project in the best light possible. If you have had the misfortune of not reaching your goal then you have a couple options. Find funding elsewhere or try again! I highly recommend that if you fail at your first or even second attempt to raise funds that you try again. Of course this only works if you make changes each time and maybe even lower your goal.

    The first BMS campaign failed to reach it’s initial goal and is now back with not only a lower dollar amount their seeking but a new plan of attacking the series. Instead of raising funds to do a large chunk of the series at once they are going to produce smaller issues of their steampunk adventure series as their funds allow.

    There are a few things I really like about this campaign. The video is very well done. You’d be surprised how hard it is just to get great sound out of a camera interview. They even have an excellent montage of characters from the book with some epic music and text describing the series. The creators do a great job within the first few lines on the project page of telling you exactly what this campaign is for and the page itself has a very easy to follow recap of the characters and the story so far. And since this is printing issue 3 there is plenty of story to keep you busy. I also like that this is for issue 3. You know this group is serious and you can expect delivery of your comic. They know how to produce a book!

    I don’t have a lot of complaints really. This is a medium size project that looks like it can achieve the goal pretty easily with only a small amount of word of mouth. I think I chose this project to write about because I see the writer at a lot of conventions so I know she works very hard and because of the risks and challenges section. Most people gloss over this section and just fill it out because they have to. But here the creators give a good explanation for why their last project failed and why this one is more likely to succeed. Who knows, maybe they’ll surpass their previous goal! Good luck! And don’t forget, if you fail with your project, don’t hesitate to make some important changes and repost it!


    • Very clear what the funds will be used for
    • Great in page description of the characters and plot so far
    • Excellent use of reviews
    • Enlightening risks and challenges section

    • Steampunk has a very passionate fan base but is not for everyone!
    • Could have used a few more sequential pages to see what the book is like
    • Aside from that, lots to root for here!
    Boston Metaphysical Society - Steampunk Comic -- Kicktraq Mini

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