• Origins Playing Cards

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    What’s with all the playing cards on Kickstarter?


    TITLE: Origins Playing Cards

    There are a ton of playing card projects on Kickstarter all the time. Some are terrible cards and some have some seriously drool worthy design. Most of the projects are very similar in the types of rewards being offered and Origins has all those rewards here. You can get an uncut card sheet, a large print of the Ace, bundles of decks, collector’s coin, and an alternate color scheme. There are even some cards designed for magicians. Playing card projects are so popular and so similar to each other they should almost have their own subcategory. What made me stop and look at this project was the Art and History Art Book. If you are going to add your product to a crowded subcategory then you should try to have something that sets you apart. Unfortunately the Art Book only goes to print if the project reaches 90K. The book looks very well designed and I bet it would have a lot of interesting information on the history of the playing card and perhaps the origin of this deck. There are a couple page spreads on the project page to check out. It’s too bad the book isn’t offered at a lower stretch goal. Playing card projects seem pretty random to me. I’ve seen beautiful decks fail to get funded and I’ve seen weak decks pull in six figures. Like any type of project having multiple successes helps!

    Here’s some tips from the playing card projects world, Bicycle manufactures branded or unbranded cards of varying quality level depending on your vision, and a tube is a great way to ship several decks and a print all in one package!

    With over 30 days to go and already at a fourth of their goal this project looks like it will probably be funded. They do have a pretty high goal amount but a FAQ on the page attributes that to the gold foiling on the cards which in books isn’t that expensive and to the quality of the card stock used. I haven’t printed playing card decks so I couldn’t tell you how the pricing works. I’m not sure if it will reach the epic stretch goals where the cool stuff starts getting produced, but good luck to them! I hope they make it!



    • Beautifully designed art book for stretch goal


    • Pretty straight forward card design (For innovative design see the Federal 52 Deck)
    • Best part of this project is only available at a huge stretch goal
    • Kind of a large goal amount for a playing card deck, where is all that money going?
    Origins Playing Cards - Inspired by history -- Kicktraq Mini

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