• Trying Human Volume 1

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    Some people seem like social media masters to me. I wonder if all that social media presence translates to success?

    Trying Human Volume 1

    There’s a lot to like about the Trying Human webcomic. Number one is that it’s a webcomic. I love webcomics!! I’ve personally never heard of this webcomic but I could tell from the video that there is a ton of art out there and this person knows what she’s doing. The page has a couple paragraphs about the book but not a lot of information about the rewards. In fact, the number of pages (139) is only mentioned once in the video. I looked around at the creator’s other sites and wow. This person looks like a social media master. Every major social media outlet has a sizable section devoted to this comic. The creator obviously knows what they’re doing on that front! But I wish they could have brought some of that expertise to the project page. Not everyone is going to click on her main page and then click on her social media icons to try and find out what’s going on here. It looks like this project will make the reasonable goal it has set because of the very robust built in following. If it wants to reach new readers I think it needs to be a little more clear about what’s offered in this kickstarter. Does the book have a cover yet? What are the rewards going to look like?
    When you’re making your projects, make sure and cater to new fans as well as your old ones! Maybe they’re just starting this page and plan to add more details later, who knows!
    Good luck Trying Human!


    • Great Video that clearly explains the plot and shows off the art.
    • Strong built in following!


    • How many pages is this project?
    • Some pictures of rewards would help!
    Trying Human Volume 1 -- Kicktraq Mini

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