• Pre-Mortem: The Winsor McCay Project

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    Some projects seemed destined for success and doomed for failure at the same time. Which must leave you scratching your heads right about now.

    The Winsor McCay Project

    This project seeks to reprint softcover editions of two Little Nemo in Slumberland collections that were printed by Checker Publishing a few years ago. This original hardcover sets are out of print and as the project page says, Winsor McCay’s art is amazing so he’s a must have in any serious collector’s library. At first I was surprised that this project wasn’t soaring toward it’s $27,500 goal. After all it’s a complete collection of Little Nemo in Slumberland. What’s not to love?! Well unfortunately this project doesn’t do enough to differentiate itself from previous Little Nemo collections. In 2005 Sunday Press Books released a 21.1 inch tall by 16.2 inch wide edition of Little Nemo with painstakingly restored pages. If you have ever held that book in your hands you would know that it is the seminal version of Little Nemo. Did this new edition restore any pages? If they did, why isn’t there a video of them talking about it? Most of the project page just talks about how great Winsor McCay is not about why someone should buy this new volume.

    In one section it is billed as an affordable volume. In another they’re pitching a $204 leather bound edition of only 100 copies. So which is it? Is this a set for the casual reader wanting to discover Winsor McCay? Or is this an art book set for the serious collector? The 2005 edition that prints the strips at their ORIGINAL size is going for around $125. And Volume 2 from that set is going for around $75. Why would someone want to buy this new smaller edition for almost the same price? It is true you get a higher page count since the 2005 Sunday Press Books Editions are split into more volumes. And I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons why this new collection is a great deal I just wish the project creator had done a better job of explaining why this set is a must buy instead of trying to explain why Winsor McCay is awesome. Because he is.

    • Great art at a great price!

    • The original pages are almost twice the size of this volume. They were designed to be held in your hands and fill your complete line of sight which really sucks you into Slumberland.



    The Winsor McCay Project -- Kicktraq Mini

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