• Bananas U

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    It was easy to get the message in a quick glance of this Kickstarter page. I knew right away what kind of comic was being produced and what was needed to get it done.

    Bananas University: A Comedy Adventure Comic

    I always to a quick scroll down on a project page to see if it’s worth a closer look. Something about this project reminded me of walking into a comic shop in the 90s and finding some indie gem I’d never heard of. Those were some of the best books I ever read. So it was interesting when I read further that this story actually takes place in the 90s! Once of the good things about getting older is that my childhood is now considered nostalgic. What’s next, a 90s diner? I would totally eat there.

    Well Bananas U looks pretty straight forward in what they’re trying to accomplish. A single issue clocking in at 32 pages with the majority of the funding going to pay the artist. The pledges make sense and are easy to read and there’s some great options to have yourself drawn by the artist which is always fun. I have to admit I kind of want one of those Bananas University shirts. One complaint would be that they could have used a couple more pages of art on the project page. It’s a huge confidence boost to your backers when you can show several finished pages! I hope this project gets funded so I can party with these guys frat style at a convention.

    • Takes place in the 90s
    • Very clear goal for the Kickstarter funds
    • Very clear reward options

    • Would like to see more page art
    • Only XL for the shirts? You’re going to want to get some 2X in there, trust me!

    Bananas University: A comedy adventure comic (Issue #1) -- Kicktraq Mini

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